You all know, that I was not active for a very long time. And this is probably the last post I will publish here. I kept it back for a very long time, but I feel that the time has finally come …

TL;DR The development of Bigace will be discontinued. Don't expect any further updates here.

Sorry for this harsh introduction. And now that you know what I am going to say, I will share some short insights about the last years and my decision with you.

Bigace v3

I started a major rewrite of Bigace in 2011, using the Zend framework v1 as new core for Bigace. I applied major changes to the plugin system, improved a lot of options for developers and introduced a complete new admin backend. I made very good progress …

But somewhere down that road, I unfortunately lost the code for the migration tool from existing Bigace v2 websites to v3. And that is why I did not release v3 for a very long time. But I had to get it out there, for all interested people. So I silently released it a couple of month ago (I never published a posting about it), hoping that some of you might find it helpful for new websites or even Zend Framework developers who were looking for an extendable PHP CMS.

There is a new GitHub project page dedicated to Bigace v3. Installation files can be found at the download page.

Now that Bigace 3 is released and a lot of new plugins and layouts are online, I feel like the time has come to move on to new projects.

Bigace history

I created Bigace a very long time ago as exercise to learn a new development language. I fell in love with PHP and went on improving Bigace, while learning more and more about CMS workflows and the users need. But the most important fact for me was the need for a simple working system, which I could adjust to my needs and those of my customers.

During the first years, more and more people started using Bigace and the forum came alive. Some people contributed time, work and ideas and I got even more motivated to add new features.
It was a time, when there weren’t many free available Content Management Systems outhere, which could easily be self-hosted.

But unfortunately Bigace (or better I) was never able to build a bigger and widely active community, which is a major problem as such a project can only grow with more developers.

Nowadays there are so many fantastic PHP CMS projects outhere, which can replace Bigace and its multi-site management (which I always believed to be one of the best features of Bigace).

On the other hand I don’t have the time to contribute more of my free time into this project any more … and to be honest, I have to admit that I grew older and my priorities switched to different hobbies.

Upcoming changes

Right now, no big changes planned. I have some ideas about the hosting, especially Forum, Plugins page and Wiki. I would really like to move everything to GitHub, to allow the best possible workflow for the community. But that needs time, which I currently do not have.

The first step was made yesterday, when I moved the website to GitHub. During that task I had to remove the german content from the page and I cleaned up a lot of pages. I guess Google hates me now for all the 404 ;-)

If there is someone out there, who wants to take over Bigace development, I would be happy to share the GitHub repos with you. Even the website is now hosted with Jekyll and GitHub pages and it is easy to update everything.

Existing users & Wordpress

Today I enjoy building websites with Jekyll or Wordpress, incorporating a wide range of fantastic open source frontend projects. A couple of month ago, I created an importer for Wordpress, which can be used to migrate content from a Bigace website to a wordpress installation.

So everyone who wants to switch over to Wordpress can find more information about this WP plugin in the last news posting.

So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

It was a very good time and I am thankful for all the experiences and learnings I could take away from such a long time managing an open source project.

Guys, all the best to you and have fun with your CMS websites ;-)